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The “Aníbal de Otero” project results from the nostalgia of a childhood spent among grapevines. It is committed to keeping alive the tradition and inherited from my father, Aníbal García, for whom taking care of his vineyards was a life-long passion.



The “Los Fornos” field is probably one of the best areas to cultivate grapevines in all of the D.O. Bierzo (regulated winemaking area). In it, the mencía grape variety reaches its peak quality. Some of our vineyards there were already cultivated by our great-great-grandfather.
The terroir, composed manly by black slate and small rocks (“cascajo”), is naturally rich in valuable minerals and nutrients, while being protected from cold and frost by the Cabrera mountains nearby. With Las Médulas (historical Roman gold mines from the 1st century A.D.) in the background, the Ancares mountains and the “Castro Bergidum” (ancient Roman settlement) frame the unequalled valley in which our grapevines grow.


Aníbal de Otero is made using exclusively grapes from the “mencía” variety from old vineyards with a very small production, about 1 lb (1/2 kg) per vine. They are cultivated following artisanal methods and using only organic products. Harvesting is done manually, using small 40lb (20 kg) boxes, when the grapes are at their optimum ripeness.

The must ferments in small tanks made of stainless steel. Afterwards, the young wine is aged in casks of the best quality French oak. All this process is carefully controlled by our oenologist and friend, José Hidalgo.

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