We don’t create anything, we just Benefit from what we got: old vines with hundred years, in privilege places, cared with love by our family.

Authentic wine of El Bierzo

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Aníbal de Otero uses in its production only mencía grapes from old vines, more than 130 years old. Cultivated by hand in goblet with a very small production of half a kilo per vine. This gives a unique and exclusive flavour to our final product, an authentic Bierzo wine.

The best flavour of The Bierzo.

Centenary best vines.

  • El Cepón 2020 Paraje Wine
  • Terrafondada 2020 Centenary Mencia
  • AO Villa de Otero Magnum 2019
  • AO Villa de Otero 2017
  • Los Fornos 2015 Single Vineyard Wine
  • AO Centenary Vineyard 2014
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Centenary vines and good wine

The last viticulture Project in the Bierzo was born from the nostalgia, the emotion and the tribute from a viticulture legacy with an incalculable value ensembled with the knowledge of the oenology in shared contributions.

The area of “los Fornos” is probably one of the best spots for the culture of the grapevine in the Bierzo. In this area the grape variety reach all their glory.

Aníbal de Otero uses to elaborate wines only grapes from old vines with more than 100 years.

Elaboration process

From the grape to the bottle

With a small selection of half kilo of grape per vine, we elaborate an exceptional wine, offering the best from the native grapes, where the varietal purity of fruit, strength, freshness and balance in the taste are the main features.
Cepa Centenaria Anibal de Otero


Aníbal de Otero uses a unique elaboration with a grape variety of just old vines


The grape juice ferment in small deposits of stainless steel to later, be transformed into young wine, aging in oak barrels from France’s best oak.


The wine was bottled without any clarification or stabilisation treatment.


Currently you can find our wines in the most renowned stores and lots of restaurants all over the world.

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