AO Villa de Otero 2017 - The essence of our village bottled - Pure Bierzo terroir

AO Villa de Otero 2017 - The essence of our village bottled - Pure Bierzo terroir

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This wine is made exclusively with Mencía grapes from goblet-trained vines, with an average age of more than 90 years, located in the area around the village of Otero, on a slope and at high altitude. They were planted and cultivated by the family for more than three generations, in a soil that mixes clay and slate.

Our priority is the utmost respect for the unique quality of our grapes. All our agriculture is organic, following traditional methods.

After a short ageing in semi-new French oak barrels, Villa de Otero 2017 was aged for a further 3 years in the cellar. The result is a wine with a unique character, deeply connected with the terroir del Bierzo.



At Villa de Otero we bottle an emotion, an origin, a people... To do so, we select specific vines from different areas: Los Fornos, María Abril, Cotarelo, La Pénela... all within the municipality of Otero, our town, all over 90 years old. We harvest them by hand and use their fruit to make the wine that represents our town, our village.

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Free-run style red wine aged for 3 to 6 months in semi-new French oak barrels and 3-litre steel tanks. It was bottled on 23 January 2019 without any fining or stabilisation treatment.


It is possible that over time a natural sediment of colouring matter or tartrates may appear, which is an unmistakable sign of purity and integrity. It will develop positively in the bottle for at least the next 10 years. Store in a cool (12º - 14º C) and dark place in a horizontal position.


Deep cherry red colour.
Intense varietal aromas of the Mencía grape, dominated by red (cherry and cassis) and black (plum) fruits, with hints of oregano and wild herbs. Smoky and spicy notes (coconut and vanilla) contributed by the oak wood in the background.
It has a powerful, balanced palate, with very polished tannins, great length and a finish full of long-lasting aromatic sensations.


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