The origins of Aníbal de Otero

The project of Aníbal de Otero is was born from the nostalgia, the emotion and the tribute from a viticulture legacy inherited from my father, Anibal García, who considered the caring of his vines almost everything in life.
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We know where we are from, what we face but we have a clear mind about what we want at the end: Excellency. We want to reach the top were the best wines are. Yes, we are ambitious, competence don’t scare us, on the other hand stimulate us.

We got the best ingredients: grapes and a team. Our treasure, the vines with hundred of years, those that were forsaken because of the difficulty to automatize the harvest or were swapped into other vines that produced more wine.


Centenary vines of El Bierzo

The area of “los Fornos” is probably one of the best spots for the culture of the grapevine in the Bierzo. In this area the grape variety reach all their glory.

A land of dreams

The land of rubble and slate protected against cold and frost originated in the near mounts of Cabrera, las Médulas al fondo, los Ancares and the millenary Castro Berdigum. They are all part of the area were our vines grow, some of the cultivated by our great-grandfather.

Centenary vines

Aníbal de Otero uses to elaborate wines only grapes from old vines with more than 100 years. Cultivated artisanal in glass with a small production of half kilo per vine. The cultivation is artisanal using only natural products.

Cepa Centenaria
Barriles Elaboracion Vino Anibal de Otero


The harvest is done manually in small boxes of 20 kilo when the maturation is on the ideal point.

The grape juice ferment in small deposits of stainless steel to later, be transformed into young wine, aging in oak barrels from France’s best oak. All this process is controlled carefully by our oenologist José Hidalgo. José Hidalgo.


Where to find us

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