Pack 6 bottles Los Fornos 2015 Single Vineyard Wine

Pack 6 bottles Los Fornos 2015 Single Vineyard Wine

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The caring of the vines, wines and the love of the village, Otero, was the most passion from my father, Aníbal. This singular wine selected from the vines with more than 120 years old that our family was able to conserve is the recognition to the effort and dedication.

This plot wine comes from our most awarded vineyard: Los Fornos, a vineyard that has been cared for and even pampered by our family for generations. It is located on a south-facing hillside overlooking the river valley and grows on clay and slate soils.

During the summer you can enjoy the aromas of wild oregano and blackberries, as our philosophy of cultivation embraces sustainability and the utmost respect for the natural environment.

In this beautiful setting you will find our jewels, our treasure, ungrafted mencía vines, more than 130 years old.



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Descubre nuestro secreto, nuestro tesoro. Los Fornos es un vino que se elabora únicamente partiendo de las uvas seleccionadas del hermoso paraje del que recibe el nombre, donde nuestra familia ha cuidado estas cepas de mencía en pie franco, de más de 130 años.


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With a meager production of less than half a kilogram of grapes per vine, Los Fornos 2015 has been rated Excellent by the Bierzo Designation of Origin. Free style wine, aged for 18 months in new French oak barrels and was bottled on July 13, 2017, without fining or stabilizing.


El vino se embotelló sin ningún tratamiento de clarificación o de estabilización alguno, por lo que es posible que con el tiempo pueda aparecer un sedimento natural de materia colorante o de tartratos, que es inequívoco signo de pureza e integridad. Evolucionará positivamente en la botella durante al menos los próximos 8 años. Conservar en un local fresco (12º – 14º C) y oscuro en posición horizontal.


Cherry red in colour, transitioning to taupe tones but maintaining garnet reflections.
Intense fruit aromas (vibrant cherries at their optimal point of ripeness) intertwined with aromatic herbs and balsamic pine. Very characteristic of old Mencia. It ends with the essence of progressive spices: cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.
Light entry into the mouth, with a silky touch. It combines flavors of red fruit seasoned with mint, a slightly bitter finish with a smoked aftertaste and an aftertaste of spices. Great elegance.


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